Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 51

This week we havent planned out our meals. We take it a little bit as we go, but I am also trying to use up what we have in our fridge and freezer. By now my main fridge is empty, and the other one only contains a kale, some oranges, and some ketchups. I can now clean it out, and also restock it with whole foods.

The next step is to use up all the flours and mish-mashes in the cupboard/pantry. I will get to that later this weekend. I also need to plan some meals for christmas, since the stores are closed most of the days next week and I dont want to stand in a long line to wait to pay in the checkout.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Menuplan week 50

This is my first menyplan here on this blog, but I`ve been menuplanning for ages.
Ususally I try to use up what we have in our kitchen/stock before buying anything new. This week we have some processed foods since we have been sick, so I have to use it up!

Menuplan week 50
Monday: Leftovers, homemade autumn stew
Tuesday: Chilli with beans no meat
Wednesday: chickpea casserole
Thursday: potatobal (traditional norwegian meal) with salty meat
Friday: Pasta with tomatosauce, served with sallad
Saturday: Homemade springrolls
Sunday: Turkey with vegetables and stuffing. Hoping this will be enough leftovers for multiple dinners next week to.

Breakfast: eggs with vegetables
Lunches: soups, tapas, hot dogs, sandwiches etc
Nigthmeal: Porridge, oatmeals.

I need to buy:
* a bag of carrots
* onions
* salty meat
* the turkey (its on sale this week 3,5$ for 1 kg, ususally its 5$ for 1kg at least)
* eggs
* fresh fruits and some vegetables

Because of the turkey, I will probably spend aprox 30$ in the store this week.

Head over to, to se other mealplans!

Welcome to The Frugal and Natural Mom!

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, but all the names I have comed up with where taken, so I have procastinated it. Up until today! No more procastination. My blogname is long, but it also says who I am perfectly. I am a frugal mom, and I am also a natural mom, combinding those two in perfect harmony.

There wil be more info about me and my family on the about page I wil be making soon, but some info can come handy for you as a reader: I am a 26 year old girl from the cold Norway. I live here with my husband and my two kids aging 8 and 4yo. I am a work/stay at home mom, and partly homeschooler.

I love the nature, and try to stay out much! I am intressted in nutrition and fitness and have a certificate as a raw food coach (amongst many other) My schooldegree actually says skincare therapist, and my future schooldiploma hopefully says webdesigner/webmarketer.

I am trying to live as frugal as possible, only buying what we need, planning our meals etc.

Well, for now this was my welcome post. I hope to get to know you too!